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Zarasai is one of most beautiful towns of Aukštaitija (Highland) region. It is surrounded by sky-blue lakes and healthy pine forests. Zarasai is the honourable town of past and present. Travellers enjoy its distinctive plan of central part of town, landscape full of lakes, picturesque hills and green woods. What also makes exclusive beauty of Aukštaitija even more various. Zarasai is well known of unique nature, beautiful lakes and woods as well as popular events held in Didžioji (the Great) island of Zarasas lake. Rope track is installed.  On 26 July (Friday) championship of this sport will be held.

Good rally is determined by big amount of entries and different classes of cars, fast Special Stages and their specification and fluent schedule. Organizers of race make a nice kit of Special Stages with minimum amount of empty passages between Stages, guarantees fluent work of structures starting with technical check to security guards and invites as much sportsmen as possible. After rally finishes spectators and participants will enjoy concert of girl-band “ROSES” and impressive fireworks of course.





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