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Liepos/July 27-28
"Around seven lakes rally"

Lietuvos automobilių ralio sprinto čempionato lll etapas, Latvijos automobilių ralio sprinto čempionato lV etapas.
"Samsonas motorsport cup" įskaita (classification) Historic  (classification)

Lithuanian rally sprint championship 3rd event and Latvian rally sprint championship 4rd event.
"Samsonas motorsport cup" įskaita (classification) Historic  (classification)

Liepos/July 27

18.00 val/h.– Testinis greičio ruožas, Special test stage.

19.00 val/h.– Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Kokteilių vakarėlis / Cocktail party.


Liepos/July 28

11.00 val/h. – Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Varžybų atidarymas, Competition opening.

11.30 val/h. – Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Ralio startas, Rally start.

20.30 val/h. – Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Varžybų uždarymo ceremonija, dalyvių apdovanojimai./Competition closing ceremony, awards and prize giving.

21.15 val/h. – Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Ralio koncertas, Rally concert.

22.15 val/h. – Vieta/Place Sėlių a . Fejerverkai, renginio uždarymas. Fireworks, event closing ceremony.

Ralio paso (bilieto) kaina 7€, Price of the rally pass (ticket) 7€.

Vaikams iki 8 metu ralio pasas nemokamai.

Rally passers (tickets) will be available from 2018 July 26,You can purchase them at Zarasai district Tourism information centre at Sėliu  a 22  on Rally day at Super Stages entrances.


Rally dalyvių laikai tiesiogiai per www.rally-live.lt, 
ralio tiesioginė transliacija iš greičio ruožų ir per Facebook ZASK Akseleratorius . 
Transliacija vykdys Operatoriai.eu



     Zarasai is one of the beautiful city of Highland (Aukštaitija), surrounded by many lakes and pine forests. It is honorable for its past and present. The plan of the central part of the city, water- filled landscapes, picturesque hills and green forests not only give the pleasure for travelers, but and vary the unique beauty of this land.

     Zarasai region attracts visitors as an amazing place with the lakes and forests, furthermore, everyone knows about popular events which are held on the Big Island. Also a cable – way track with six towers is located on the wonderful lake Zarasas.

     Around seven lakes, the format of rally sprint championship stage is similar to the former 300 Lake Rally. The great number of participants and different car class, also the specifics of SS and well –organized driving schedule influence the successful rally.

     The organizers of competition prepare the perfect set of SS with a minimum number of empty trace from one SS to another; guarantee the good organization of all structures such as technical board, security guards, and invite as many participants as possible.

   At the end of Rally the viewers and participants enjoy the festive concert and fireworks.





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Klubo Prezidentas
Arvydas Petkevičius

Tel. +370 61435442
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Automobilių sporto klubas -      ASK "Akseleratorius"

Įm. kodas 300541496
Adresas: P. Širvio g. 12-5

Klubas randasi Zarasų raj. Juodalaukių k. prie Viada degalinės.